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Has the internet become a failed state?

Published on November 27 2016 By

Has the internet become a failed state?

Has the internet become a failed state?


The internet was once seen as a vision of hope and a land of promise. For nearly a decade this was considered true; but thirty years on its become a home to corruption, thieves and spammers. Hackers and spies have turned this into a land of chaos.

With the increasing security chaos that website owners have encounter over that last few years; making sure you have your servers locked down tight, off-site backups in place and checking for all the latest security threats and patches has now become the number 1 priority.


Heres a brief on just some attacks


In June, it was revealed that two agencies of the Russian government had hacked into the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee. Shortly before the Democratic convention that nominated Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks released thousands of emails and attachments stolen during the breach, some of which were distinctly unhelpful to Clinton and useful to Donald Trumps campaign for office.

In February this year, a Bangladesh Bank was hit by the biggest bank robbery in history thieves got away with $101m. The heist was accomplished without the criminals even leaving there home. This was all done by acquiring the access codes for the Swift global messaging system. This is what banks use to securely pass payment orders to one another. The criminals used Swift to instruct the US Federal Reserve to transfer money to their accounts. Then they criminals erased their digital fingerprints by modifying the banks software. This was all done in a matter of hours.

In October 2015, nearly 157,000 customers of the UK telecommunications company TalkTalk had their personal data stolen in a massive intrusion into the companies computer systems. Police later arrested six teenage boys in connection with the cyber attack.

In the past two years, hospitals worldwide have found themselves on the receiving end of a vicious type of cyber attack. Medical staff suddenly find that their hospital computer systems are locked and inaccessible. They then discover that they have been secretly infiltrated. Little notes are left telling them that their data will be unlocked on payment of a ransom in Bitcoins. The European police agency Europol now reckons that the treats using ransomware have taken over as the main way theft an extortion is committed digitally.


Whats is Ransomware


Ransomware most often works by taking a computer hostage, encrypting all the files on hard drives and a little note "ransom Demand" left. If they cough up the money demanded to unscramble the data there systems are restored. Criminals often demand payment in the electronic currency Bitcoin.

Hospitals, government agencies and even police forces all over the world have fallen victim to the scam. This form of scam which is usually spread through booby trapped links or attachments. More recently, researchers are warning of a new, self-propagating strain of ransomware that can spread without human interaction.

In a report released by Europol they have said ransomware was "overshadowing traditional malware threats."

Europols report:

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